AMOS Strengthens Presence in the Middle East with Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries

Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI), the MRO provider of Saudi Arabian Airlines, has signed for AMOS of Swiss-AS to manage all its MRO services.
Ronald Schaeuffele, CEO of Swiss-AS, says: “We are pleased to closely cooperate with SAEI and to provide them with a state-of-the-art and future-proof MRO software which will help to further ensure SAEI’s sustainability and competitiveness in the future.” SAEI has recently commissioned a US$800 million contract to build 11 new hangars and aircraft maintenance facilities in Jeddah. In this context the management of the Saudi MRO provider has chosen AMOS as the perfect fit to support the challenging expansion plans.

Several implementation companies teaming up in the AMOS project
The kick-off meeting, followed by a solemn contract signing ceremony, has already taken place in Jeddah. Although the implementation is considered complex (high adoption level of AMOS functions throughout all business units of SAEI with several thousand AMOS users), the project is expected not to span more than 18 months.
In order to master all required activities as effectively and efficiently as possible, a consortium of implementation partners works together closely. In this context Swiss-AS is responsible for the proper implementation of AMOS including guiding and assisting SAEI in the definition, streamlining and implementation of the future business processes as well as developing and delivering a comprehensive and highly structured training program for SAEI. Through its long-term partner CrossConsense, Swiss-AS will also engage in crucial steps of the data migration stream of the project.
Furthermore this AMOS implementation will be characterise by an extended on-site presence of the Swiss-AS’ project managers and implementation specialists. All in all Swiss-AS will bring in its immense experience of implementing such comprehensive software like AMOS in a complex MRO environment.



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