AMOS Successfully in Operation at Swiss Cargo Airline Farnair

At the EuroAirport Basel/Mulhouse, Swiss-AS’ neighbor, Farnair, recently went live with the advanced M&E system, AMOS. The crossover from the legacy system was without any operational impact and all modules went live simultaneously. AMOS is implemented enterprise-wide and for all types of aircraft at Farnair (including all eight outstations). Due to the proximity of both companies, the Swiss cargo carrier attended a multitude of AMOS standard trainings in-house at Swiss-AS’ headquarters. This implementation project is considered to be extremely lean as there were no customizations of the software at all, combined with a high project commitment and availability at the customer’s side. It is always difficult to grant sufficient resources and time for project work especially where small airlines are concerned. The Go-Live was almost completely handled by Farnair itself and Swiss-AS just supported the post Go-Live phase with a number of trainers, developers and the project manager. Data cleansing, mapping and transfer turned out to be the major challenge within this implementation. Farnair’s decision to hire experts that were exclusively dedicated to the data transfer task, turned out to be a good one as it meant that this normally time consuming process was considerably faster than usual.

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