The Aquasol Corporation Launches Highly Advanced, Affordable Combustion Analyzer


May 11, 2015 MEDIA CONTACT
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The Aquasol Corporation Launches Highly Advanced,
Affordable Combustion Analyzer

North Tonawanda, NY – The Aquasol Corporation recently launched its newest innovation – the PRO C-100 Combustion Analyzer, ideally suited for determining the percentage of oxygen that is expelled during combustion. This handheld, digital analyzer has been designed and manufactured for use in the HVAC, automotive, aerospace, metallurgy and oil industries.

Aquasol has naturally expanded into these industries after great success with its PRO OX-100 Oxygen Monitor for the hi-tech welding industry where it is a known world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of advanced test and measurement instrumentation.

Made in the USA, the CE Approved PRO C-100 measures down to 0.1% oxygen resolution. Measuring oxygen released from combustion can establish whether the mixture is air lean, meaning the value of oxygen falls short of the rated or air rich, when the value of oxygen exceeds the rated. Combustion efficiency is optimized when air and fuel are supplied so that both the unburned fuel loss and the heat loss is minimized. The PRO C-100 makes it easy to improve combustion efficiency, which conserves fuel and lowers expenses, keeping companies running at the best of their ability.

The PRO C-100 offers data logging capabilities, allowing the operator to create permanent records for easy export using USB interface to a PC in Microsoft® Excel and plain text format. A built-in audiovisual alarm can be custom set to emit light and sound off when the oxygen value falls below the fixed level. Operators can easily view multiple readings simultaneously as one screen displays CO2, O2 and excess air readings.

The PRO C-100 is self-calibrating, allowing the operator to easily recalibrate on site using ambient air. It is also equipped with an internal pump as opposed to a hand pump, freeing the operator from constant, repetitive pumping. This analyzer offers multiple gas composition settings to cater to the operator’s specific application. It is equipped with a rechargeable 9V battery and charger designed for universal voltage and is also programmable in four languages including English, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

“Aquasol has provided a highly advanced instrument that is cost effective yet offers distinct advantages” said Mike Hacikyan, President, Aquasol Corporation. “The PRO C-100 is a Combustion Analyzer unlike any other in the market with numerous features and unsurpassed capabilities, new to the HVAC industry. We are proud to offer this new technology.”

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