Astro Pak Hires Charlie St. Clair to Bolster Cleanroom and On-site Precision Cleaning Services on East Coast

Astro Pak, a provider of contract precision cleaning and passivation services in North America, announced the appointment of Charlie St. Clair as the East Coast Sales Manager for its Class 1000 cleanroom and on-site chemical cleaning services at Aerospace test and launch facilities.

St. Clair brings 20 years experience offering Precision Cleaning services. “My career servicing critical precision cleaning parts and systems started with Astro Pak in the 1980s and I am thrilled to be back with the company. I have a passion for servicing and delighting customers and I cannot think of a better place to live that out than here at Astro Pak. The support and resources are terrific, such as our new cleanroom and our fleet of Mobile cleanrooms that allow us to meet customer needs on-site,” notes St. Clair.


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