Astronics Intros Low-Cost Max-Viz System for Homebuilts

MaxViz160x90Astronics Corporation’s newest Enhanced Vision System, designated Max-Viz X1, is priced at $6,000 specifically for experimental and homebuilt aircraft, which often operate from unimproved airstrips with wildlife and other obstacles.

“The uncertified Max-Viz X1 is a lightweight, low-cost solution for the kit and homebuilt experimental aircraft operator,” said Astronics Max-Viz EVP Elliott Troutman. “The system complements synthetic vision systems (SVS) and allows pilots to see temporary obstructions, such as wildlife and construction barriers, which are not in the SVS database.”

He added, “Max-Viz X1 enhances safety for the experimental pilot community by enabling pilots to see up to ten times further than unaided human vision in visibility-obscured conditions, such as smoke, haze and light fog, day or night.”

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