Aviation Blade Services Announces S-70 Blade Maintenance Training and Services Partnerships

Aviation Blade Services has commenced with a multi-year Inspection and Repair Training and Maintenance contract to support main and tail rotor blade repair for the Taiwanese fleet of S-70/UH-60 rotorcraft. The partnership with AMS Group and Air Asia Company is a significant milestone for Aviation Blade Services in supporting operators worldwide.

“We are excited to continue growing our footprint with foreign military operators of the Blackhawk and Seahawk by expanding our longstanding relationship with the AMS Group and AACL,” John Brennan, ABS general manager commented. “The training and service partnership allows AACL to support fleet readiness in country and reduce turnaround times (TAT) by leveraging ABS’s industry leading technical capabilities.”

Dr. Matthew Wentzel, AMS Group SVP, Business Development, added “AMS Group is extremely excited to expand our partnership with ABS to enhance the AACL Vertical Flight Center’s current in-country Depot Level S-70/UH-60 Rotor Blade maintenance capabilities. AMS and ABS are collectively committed to provide AACL with on-going training, engineering consultation and maintenance support to sustain the ROCN and ROCA S-70/UH-60 fleets mission readiness requirements.”

AACL VP, Tsai, Sung-Lin stated “The AMS and ABS partnership has demonstrated dedicated customer support, competitive cost/TAT options, technical capability and a reputation for quality support and services. These were all key factors in our decision to enter into a long-term technical partnership.”

Aviation Blade Services says it is looking to continue to grow its influence within the UH-60/S-70 rotor blade maintenance marketplace with continued investment in engineering and capacity.

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