Aviation Electronics Europe Call for Papers

The MOC in Munich has hosted the leading avionics event since 2008, with the latest event being Aviation Electronics Europe in March 2015. Aviation Electronics Europe is comprised of an intensive main two-day conference track, seminars and workshops and a central large exhibition.

Aviation Electronics Europe is the only event for the aviation electronics and avionics community in Europe. Attendees will learn about the latest in SESAR, NextGen and performance based navigation;
what the pilot wants; what the aircraft needs and what the industry must have
- from aircraft to the ground and all communications and technologies in between.

With the global market for commercial avionics equipment set to grow at an annual rate of 4.8 percent through to 2019, the industry has not been this buoyant for some time, setting the scene for some active discussions at Aviation Electronics Europe on the future policies, performances and innovations in the aviation electronics and avionics sector.

Aviation Electronics Europe will discuss topics and issues of the day and demonstrate and showcase new products, developments, technologies and services available on the market, and also key elements of the upgrades and retrofits market.

The Aviation Electronics Europe 2016 Organizing Committee is inviting abstracts for consideration for inclusion in the conference.

If you are interested, submit your abstract for consideration by the conference committee. Your presentation should not be overtly commercial in nature. For further details, guidelines and to submit your abstract online visit www.ae-expo.eu/call-papers.

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