Aviation Workforce Development Launches Operations

A new, non-profit organization which will address critical aviation workforce development issues has been organized in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and has announced the launching of its website (www.aviationworkforce.org).

Aviation Workforce Development, Inc. (AWD) has been founded to connect college students and young professionals with one of the most exciting and dynamic industries in the world — aviation.  By establishing this on-line portal for all things pertaining to aviation careers, AWD hopes to attract the next generation to what has often been called a lifestyle and not just a job, by providing the gateway to acquire information about career entry and development — information that up until now has been scattered across hundreds of sites nationwide.

AWD believes a “perfect storm” of workforce issues is challenging the 21st century aviation industry with such issues as: a large retirement of the baby-boomer population; changing U.S. demographics; and the rising demands the world economy, politics, and technology are placing on the industry.

“Our new organization will be the first to bring together interested parties across all avenues of aviation, young professionals looking to enter and build a career in aviation, and industry in search of those critically needed employees for the future,” announced Dr. Tara Harl, founder and CEO of AWD.

AWD was created by respected aviation industry leaders whose passion is to see that the aviation industry connects to engaged young professionals so that the leadership reins are handed over to well prepared future leaders.  AWD is neither an employment agency, nor a proponent of any one particular aviation career.

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