AXAREL Low Odor Cleaning Solvents Approved by Airbus

Petroferm has announced that AXAREL 1000, AXAREL 2000, AXAREL 3000 and AXAREL 4000 Precision Cleaners are approved for maintenance use on Airbus aircraft in accordance to the Consumable Materials List (CML) (ref. MIL-PRF-680).

AXAREL 1000-4000 are a series of highly-refined solvent based solutions designed for hand wipe and immersion cleaning. They are selected for their very low odor, good solvency, low volatility and operational flexibility. Safe for use on all aerospace alloys, they are excellent drop-in replacements to acetone, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), methyl ether ketone (MEK), mineral spirits and other toxic, low-flash point solvents. They effectively remove greases, mineral oils, lubricants, coolants, synthetics, and particulate matter.

AXAREL 1000-4000 Precision Cleaners are approved by Airbus (CML) (ref. MIL-PRF-680), Boeing, Eurocopter, Honeywell Aerospace, Goodrich Wheels & Brakes, Lockheed Martin, Messier-Bugatti, and Pratt & Whitney. This series is also approved and qualified to US Department of Defense MIL-PRF-680 (Types I-IV) solvent degreasing specification.
Flash Points: AXAREL 1000 (127°F/53°C), AXAREL 2000 (144°F/62°C), AXAREL 3000 205°F (96°C), AXAREL 4000 (147°F/64°C).

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