BA CityFlyer Commences Live Operation with OASES ETL Interface

Commsoft has successfully developed a bespoke interface for its client BA CityFlyer that connects NVable’s Appixo Electronic Technical Log (ETL), recently fitted on every aircraft in the BA CityFlyer fleet, with Commsoft’s OASES, the MRO IT system used by the airline. The interface between Appixo ETL and OASES went into live operation across BA CityFlyer’s airline network in mid-November 2012.

By facilitating the transmission of real time data from the ETL installed on the flight deck, via GPRS packets to a ground server and onward to OASES, the interface enables faster resolution of defects allowing for proactive maintenance rather than reactive maintenance after the event. The transmission of operational as well as engineering data also provides additional benefits such as potential fuel savings from better fuel management.

“The auto feed of our Electronic Technical Log data into OASES gives us real-time data, enabling us to monitor the reliability of our aircraft in a more proactive manner and gives greater visibility to all areas of our business,” says Mark Leather, Continuing Airworthiness manager, BA CityFlyer. “This supplemented with a reduction in data-input workload further increases our efficiency. The forward-looking and innovative approach taken by Commsoft and NVable coupled with their good understanding of our business enabled us to achieve these goals in a relatively short timescale.”

Working in co-operation with NVable, Commsoft developed the interface in two stages – the first stage focusing on the transfer of flight, sector and fluid uplift data and the second stage dealing with engineering defect and component change data.

“The potential to integrate data from a wide range of sources is one of the key benefits of OASES. The Commsoft Team were delighted to have the opportunity to work with NVable, demonstrating that potential for BA CityFlyer. Feedback from our users is vital in shaping the direction of our ongoing development work on OASES,” says Nick Godwin, Commsoft’s managing director.

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