Boeing to Provide Mx Efficiency Tool to El Al

Boeing and El Al Israel Airlines announced the carrier’s purchase of Boeing’s Maintenance Performance Toolbox to increase maintenance efficiency on the airline’s Boeing fleet, including Next-Generation 737s, 747-400s, 767s and 777-200ERs. The announcement came during the MRO Americas 2013 conference.

Boeing’s Maintenance Performance Toolbox will allow El Al to improve its airplane dispatch reliability through the use of e-enabled technologies that run on the Toolbox system. El Al has selected the Authoring, Library and Task modules. The Toolbox is accessed through the Boeing customer internet portal,

“Using Toolbox will enhance our maintenance activities by providing better plans and information to our technicians,” said Shmuel Kuzi, vice president, Maintenance and Engineering, El Al Israel Airlines. “Safety, reliability and efficiency are key responsibilities in serving our customers.”

The combination of the Authoring and Tasks modules allows El Al to customize manufacturer maintenance documents with airline-specific data, providing a database that is easy to navigate. The Tasks module supports the planning and management of specific maintenance jobs, enabling the creation of a maintenance program that exactly matches the specific fleet requirements. The Library module allows the airline to store and access current, consolidated manufacturer and customer maintenance data.
“This is a strong commitment by El Al to bring increased efficiency to its maintenance practices and provide the latest, most accurate information to its maintenance and engineering teams,” said Lynne Thompson, vice president, Customer Support for Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. “Toolbox has a strong track record of delivering this essential information faster and more reliably than current systems.”

El Al also will be able to access some Toolbox capabilities remotely, where conditions may not allow the maintenance team to access the online Toolbox, by hosting Toolbox data on airline-provided infrastructure. El Al currently operates 17 Next-Generation 737s, six 747-400 passenger models, one 747-400 Freighter, eight 767s and six 777-200ERs

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