BP Turbo Oil Products To Be Renamed As Eastman Turbo Oils

Eastman Chemical Company acquired all of the BP Turbo Oil products earlier this year on June 1, 2014. The company says effective immediately, all turbo oil products will now have a new Eastman Turbo Oil name, as seen below:

Previous Product Name New Eastman Product Name
BP Turbo Oil 2197 Eastman Turbo Oil 2197
BP Turbo Oil 2380 Eastman Turbo Oil 2380
BP Turbo Oil 2389 Eastman Turbo Oil 2389
BP Turbo Oil 25 Eastman Turbo Oil 25
BP Turbo Oil 274 Eastman Turbo Oil 274
BP HALO 157 Eastman HALO 157

The only change being made is to the brand name of the products. The manufacturing facility, as well as the product formulations, approvals, sales and technical support teams will all remain unchanged, according to Eastman. In addition, the product package color will remain the same in order to eliminate any customer confusion. The first shipments of the products with the new Eastman Turbo Oils name began in November 2014.

“We want to reassure all of our current and any potential customers that these are indeed the same products they have known and trusted for years,” said Rodger Harris, Eastman Aviation Solutions Global Sales director. “Introducing the new Eastman Turbo Oils product names is the last phase of integrating our hydraulic fluids and aviation solvents, Skydrol and SkyKleen, with our new turbo oils, bringing all of the products under one brand, Eastman Aviation Solutions,” continued Harris.

In addition to the launch of the new product names, Eastman Aviation Solutions will also be unveiling additional customer support programs, such as the Eastman Aviation Solutions Lubricant Academy, and the Eastman Aviation Solutions Value Calculator.

“The training academy and value calculator are just two examples of unique support programs that our customers will soon be able to take advantage of and pass along to their customers,” concluded Harris. “We pride ourselves in providing superior customer service and unique service offerings, and we will continue to develop programs that will further the success of our customers and make switching to the Eastman brand as easy and seamless as possible.”

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