British Airways Engineering to Support Boeing GoldCare

British Airways Engineering announced at Farnborough Air Show that it has been selected to provide its global line maintenance and engineering services to Boeing’s GoldCare programme. The appointment comes following a detailed selection process.

British Airways Engineering has joined a choice group of suppliers that Boeing can select to support their GoldCare fleet maintenance requirements for the 787 Dreamliner and Next-Generation 737. GoldCare customers will now be able to benefit from British Airways Engineering’s global network of line maintenance facilities, capable of providing high-quality line, phase and heavy maintenance, as well as Aircraft Transition Services wherever required.

In today’s highly competitive aviation market, carriers need to maximize aircraft availability in order to reduce costs and maintain service levels. Boeing GoldCare helps its customers do that through a range of services including lifecycle management, maintenance planning and materials management. British Airways has been selected to provide services for the GoldCare Engineering offering, and will be responsible for helping to maximize fleet value and efficiency.

“The global MRO industry is more vibrant than it has ever been. We believe that close working relationships with leading aviation companies such as Boeing will be key to long term success in this market, and we are therefore thrilled to become an official service partner to its GoldCare customers,” Garry Copeland, British Airways’ Director of Engineering, commented. “British Airways Engineering has extensive experience maintaining a diverse fleet of over 260 aircraft and supports a broad customer base. We believe that this experience, coupled with our truly global capabilities, will prove a great asset to Boeing GoldCare.”

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