BTC Electronic Components and Meritec Announce Franchised Distribution Agreement

BTC Electronic Components (BTC) announced their franchised distribution agreement with Meritec. Along with their west coast affiliate, Joy Signal Technology, Meritec is a vertically integrated manufacturer of high-performance electrical and electronics interconnect embedded systems and connectors.

“Meritec is recognized as a market leader in providing solutions for their customers’ most challenging interconnect applications,” said Paul Moseley, president/CEO of BTC. “At BTC we are committed to providing our customers with a solution to all their interconnect
requirements. The addition of the Meritec franchise and their innovative technology and engineering expertise further strengthens this commitment.”

“The end result,” continued Moseley, “will allow us to support our customers when they need a complete solution for their interconnect application. When an off-the-shelf product is not available, they can turn to the combined technical expertise and experience of BTC and Meritec.”

“Meritec is excited about the new relationship with BTC Electronics Components,” said Michael Cole, president of Meritec. “The new partnership compliments our continued efforts to expand Meritec’s Mil/Aero channel to market. BTC’s wide range of customers and great relationships will help to market and distribute our broad line of rugged high speed interconnect and cable assemblies.”

“Meritec is pleased to have established a partnership with BTC to distribute our full line of products and promote our various interconnect solutions to their customer base,” added Ed Weinfurtner, Meritec CEO. “In particular, we envision BTC being an integral partner in the sales, service, and support of our new “Hercules” rugged high speed interconnect product line which is now in production.”

As part of the agreement, BTC will distribute the full range of Meritec products including Hercules, VPX, 2mm HMA, flash memory sockets, PCI Express and Flat Flex Cabling.


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