BTC Electronic Components Certified and Assembling J-Tech EN2997 Connectors In 24 Hours

BTC Electronic Components announced it has been approved by ASD-CERT to assemble J-Tech EN2997 series engine connectors. J-Tech – a division of Conesys

– manufacturers EN2997 K, KE, S and SE classes of stainless steel and high temperature connectors. BTC is stocking the components and assembling the connectors to order in shell sizes eight through 28, while offering 24 hour assembly turnaround.

“The assembly of J-Tech’s EN2997 line expands BTC’s EN2997 offering to cover both the high temperature environmental and the Y and YE class of hermetically sealed connectors,” noted Keith Filter, director of product management. “We have been supporting the EN2997 market with Y and YE class hermetic connectors since 2008. The addition of J-Tech’s EN2997 connectors puts BTC in the unique position of being able to offer the full range of stainless steel high reliability connectors from stock.”

The certification was conducted by Conesys’ quality personal and a mandated body representative of ASD-CERT, an association that exclusively qualifies standard aerospace products in accordance with the requirements of EN 9133 ”Quality Management Systems – Qualification Procedure for Aerospace Standard Part” (formerly EN 3042). The association is a ”third party” non-profit organization and has no commercial interest.

“Conesys has a long commitment to the engine connector market, and having our long time partner BTC Electronic Components certified to assemble our EN2997 product line will greatly strengthen the support we can give to that market,” explained Mark Wilkinson, president of Conesys. “The qualification process by ASD-CERT and by the Conesys Quality Department was comprehensive and BTC proved their professionalism on all levels.”

EN2997 is a European Association of Aerospace Industries (AECMA) standard for aircraft engine connectors, and is being utilized in the United States by many engine suppliers. Derived from MIL-DTL-83723 Series III specifications, the EN2997 series offers improved high temperature, shock and vibration resistance combined with interfacial sealing. These environments are typically seen in aircraft engines, landing gear and sensor systems.

BTC stocks and distributes a wide range of high reliability and hermetic connectors, backshells and interconnect accessories. If you would like to learn more about the Conesys/J-Tech EN2997 series engine connectors, please call 800-526-2828 or visit their website at:


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