BTC Electronic Components Now Offers Conesys/J-Tech’s RJ45 and USB Rugged Ethernet Connectors

BTC Electronic Components (BTC)  is offering J-Tech’s RJ45 and USB Rugged Ethernet Connectors. J-Tech, a division of Conesys, produces these connectors with industry standard RJ45 and USB cordsets in a rugged metal shell without any special t

ools needed for cable termination. Designed for use in harsh environments, the MIL-DTL-38999 Series III shells provide protection against mechanical and environmental conditions.

The Conesys/J-Tech RJ45 and USB Rugged Ethernet Connectors are designed for military applications and provide pristine data acquisition and transmission in the harshest environments. Some of the military applications for network interconnections and data acquisition/transfer include vehicles, radar systems, battle theater communications, controls for unmanned/remote systems and shipboard systems.

“J-Tech’s RJ45 and USB Rugged Ethernet Connectors further expand BTC’s extensive high reliability connector offering,” noted Keith Filter, director of product management. “We take pride in providing our customers with the right connector solution for any application.”

The Conesys/J-Tech RJ45 and USB Rugged Ethernet Connector are available with a RoHS compliant plating option. Other notable features about this connector include:
• Cable versions are available with IP68 Backshells using a plastic gland or EMI Backshells.
• Receptacles are available with inserts grounded to the shell of the connector.
• Through-Bulkhead Receptacles are available – designed to mate with EMI/RFI Plug on each side of receptacle.
• Inserts have multiple options for insert rotation (mechanical coding) that can be changed by the user.
• Connectors with cable termination will accept cable diameters from 0.170” O.D. to 0.460” O.D.
• Accessories are available including metal dust caps, self-closing caps and panel gaskets.

BTC stocks and distributes a wide range of connectors, backshells and interconnect accessories. If you would like to learn more about the Conesys/J-Tech RJ45 and USB Rugged Ethernet Connectors – or any of BTC’s franchised/authorized lines – please call 800-526-2828 or visit their website at:


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