Burt Rutan Selects True Blue Power for New SkiGull Design

TrueBlue180True Blue Power announced the company’s custom-integrated, lithium-ion battery modules, developed in partnership with the electromechanical product development specialists at Regan Designs, will power Burt Rutan’s most recent project, the SkiGull.

The SkiGull is a next-generation seaplane developed by Rutan and Regan Designs. The aircraft is designed to land on a variety of surfaces (water, snow, and unimproved land), allowing access to remote areas like never before. True Blue Power lithium-ion battery modules power the aircraft’s unique auxiliary, electrical propulsion system, which is utilized for docking/beaching in winds,
engine-out safety and takeoff thrust boost.

“SkiGull’s incredibly sophisticated and efficient design dictates the need for a reliable, safe, lightweight, and compact power source. We are pleased to deliver just that,” said Rick Slater, True Blue Power division manager.

True Blue Power lithium-ion solutions utilize a proprietary Nanophosphate lithium-ion cell chemistry the company says offers superior energy density, delivering three times the energy per kilogram when compared to lead-acid or nickel-cadmium (NiCad) alternatives. True Blue Power batteries offer 40-45 percent weight savings and are engineered to provide an overall lower cost of ownership with 50-90 percent less scheduled maintenance cost. This is the result of increased durability, two-year maintenance intervals, efficient engine starts and gaining 2-3 times longer useful battery life.

“Burt is one of aviation’s most respected innovators. We salute his contributions and have a long history that includes Voyager, StarShip, GlobalFlyer, VariEze, BiPod, SpaceShipOne and SpaceShipTwo. SkiGull is yet another great endeavor that we are proud to be a part of,” says Todd Winter, True Blue Power president and CEO.

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