Capture 3D Announces New ATOS Core Series of High Quality Structured Blue Light 3D Scanners: Ultra-Compact Powerhouse Starting in the $40K’s

The ATOS Core series is the newest addition to the ATOS product line of advanced 3D scanners engineered by GOM mbH Germany.  The ATOS Core is a mini-sized scanner setting a new price/performance milestone in the marketplace. It fuses the latest GOM 3D scanning technology and intelligent software into a sleek and affordable solution for inspection, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering applications. Functionality and features, such as parametric inspection, touch-probe, photogrammetry and/or automation can be easily added as project requirements progress. This customizable growth path provides an even greater return on investment. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with the ATOS Triple Scan and ATOS Compact Scan series, or multiple ATOS Core units via instant hot-plugging. Pricing starts in the 40k’s and is designed to outperform competitors in its class.

As its name suggests, the ATOS Core was created utilizing the fundamental ATOS concepts and engineered with a new technology to introduce a customizable series of high quality economical 3D scanners. It is architected using GOM’s stereo camera structured blue light technology to quickly obtain a physical object’s surface geometry digitally. After each scan, the software automatically aligns each measurement to build an accurate 3D virtual representation of the object. The ATOS Core is offered in three different product lines- Essential, Professional, and Kinematics.


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