Caribbean Airlines Receives ABMS Aircraft Battery Shop Certification from Marvel Aero International

Caribbean Airlines’ Aircraft Battery Shop has received “ABMS” Aircraft Battery Shop Certification from Marvel Aero International. The Aircraft Battery Management System (ABMS) certification was issued to Caribbean Airlines after meeting three criteria:
1. Installation of the ABMS-10X Aircraft Battery Management System hardware and software, integrated with the Christie RF80-M Battery Charger Analyzer
2. Battery Shop Facilities Audit
3. Battery Shop and Calibration Lab Technician Training
The ABMS-10X system provides full CMM compliance and traceability for the aircraft battery shop. The system automates the battery service process by controlling the RF80-M Charger/Analyzer using an embedded micro-controller linked to a Windows 8 computer/server running ABMS-10X battery management software. The system continuously monitors individual nickel cadmium battery cell voltages, battery terminal voltage, charge/discharge current and battery temperature. All charge, discharge and pause/wait commands are executed in strict compliance with battery manufacturer’s component maintenance manuals. Servicing records and work order tasks are documented in real time in a structured and searchable database. Quantitative limits are recorded and stored for trend monitoring analysis to provide optimized management of critical aircraft battery assets. The ABMS-10X system employs supervisory controls to assure CMM compliance and configuration management of all battery servicing.
The Caribbean Airlines battery shop scored a perfect 75 out of 75 audit score measuring 15 key parameters. Proper tools and equipment were examined as well as safety elements such as adequate ventilation, eye wash stations and emergency respiration and battery handling equipment.
Two TTCAA Licensed Avionics Engineers, one Avionics technician, one Calibration Engineer, and one Calibration Technician, were provided 27 hours of training on the operation and calibration of the ABMS-10X Aircraft Battery Management System.

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