CEO Blue-Green Aviation Sponsors EPA Drinking Water Expo

Pete C. Garcia, CEO of Blue Green Aviation and Hospitality LLC attends and sponsors the first EPA Drinking Water Expo and Conference while promoting its revolutionary disinfectant biocide, eXtreme Blue.

The conference was organized by The Vannett Group which a leading authority in safe drinking water. The expo and conference was attended by more than 50 participants including airlines, EPA directors and FDA inspectors and suppliers.
The objective of the conference was to further inform and prepare the commercial airline industry of the new EPA Drinking Water Act as it enters into Phase Two of its implementation scheduled for Oct 2011. The new regulations of the EPA are requiring a series of testing, flushing and disinfection of all airline water storage tanks, trucks and equipment with the objective of providing a safer environment for airline passengers and its employees.

Pete Garcia showcased eXtreme Blue, the new broad spectrum BIOCIDE disinfectant. It has EPA approval as a product designed for use in the elimination of bacteria in the environment as well as for food and potable water disinfection. Extreme Blue is also FDA approved for use in disinfection of food and food preparation areas.

“The difference in eXtreme Blue and other strong disinfectants is its environmental safety and friendliness “says Garcia. eXtreme Blue is made of water, salt and an extremely low concentration of Hypochlorous acid (0.025%) which is key to its effectiveness and safety. eXtreme blue is charged via an electrolytic generator production system (patent pending) making it an extremely powerful disinfectant. Extreme Blue is non-toxic, non-corrosive and biogradeable. EPA approved laboratory testing confirms its effectiveness in combating bacteria, fungus and viruses. eXtreme Blue eliminates H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus and significantly reduces Norovirus as well as all biofilms.

“eXtreme Blue is absolutely a fantastic product for the airlines for use in disinfecting on board aircraft, its water storage tanks and trucks as well as the airport terminals and the kitchens that provide food for its passengers. It is also extremely safe for the employees applying this disinfectant. Airlines are really trying to improve the footprint they leave on our environment and that is where eXtreme Blue comes into play,” says Garcia who is responsible for marketing, sales and distribution.

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