Chevron Establish MRO base at Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Chevron will establish an MRO facility at Glasgow Prestwick Airport in November this year after signing a 10 year lease with the airport management. Existing facilities will allow Chevron to establish an MRO hangar facility, bespoke teardown / parts processing facility, aircraft parking area and management offices totalling 150,000 square feet.


Managing director of Chevron Aircraft Maintenance, Neil Morris, said: “Chevron Group has embarked upon a two year project visiting facilities with similar prospects all over the world. Capable of accommodating wide body aircraft up to B747 size, Glasgow Prestwick Airport was finally approved as the preferred site for the future development of our new MRO facility. The airport offered many key attributes, such as 24/7 365 days operational access, underpinned by a tried and tested infrastructure.”


Morris further stated that “the airport is in an excellent location at the midway point of the Great Circle Route making it a convenient stop off point for the many aircraft that have existing flight planning over the airport. The facility will enable the Chevron Group to handle a large range of aircraft and we hope that we can offer additional benefits to Glasgow Prestwick’s existing customer base across passenger, cargo, military, executive and general aviation including training through providing them with MRO and supporting services.”


Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s CEO  Ron Smith said: “The newly formed leadership team at the airport is delighted to welcome Chevron to Glasgow Prestwick Airport and the wider Prestwick Aerospace campus. Chevron will bring in additional revenue for us through this lease but we also hope that this will provide us with an additional selling point for passenger and cargo airlines and other aviation customers.


The Chevron facility will begin receiving aircraft from January 2017.

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