Chromalloy Begins Offering CF6-50 Aircraft Engine Teardown to Parts Suppliers

Chromalloy has announced that its San Diego, Calif., engine maintenance, repair and overhaul center now performs CF6-50 power system teardown services for MRO parts suppliers.

“We have established a launch customer for our teardown service and will provide it to parts suppliers worldwide, as well as our existing customers,” said Martin George, general manager.  “Chromalloy’s San Diego operation is one of the only service providers that can provide tear-down and manage the piece-part inspection and repair – all under one roof.”

Teardown on two 747 commercial airliner engines for a global parts supplier is now under way at the San Diego center. The CF6-50 is the first engine for teardown service offered by Chromalloy; others will be added in 2012 and 2013.

The company’s 110,000 square foot maintenance, repair and overhaul center – the only MRO in Chromalloy’s global network of component repair stations – provides a range of other services including module refurbishment, equipment exchange, seals, Non Destructive Testing, engine monitoring and test cell analysis.

“San Diego is the only location within the company’s global network to offer tear-down and full MRO services,” George said.
In 2011 the San Diego repair center was modernized and additional equipment and tooling added.

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