Cinch Connectivity Announces New Dura-Con High Temp Micro-D Connector Expansion

Cinch Connectivity Solutions has introduced an expansion to the Dura-Con High Temperature Micro-D rectangular connector series. Cinch says these new connectors provide improved reliability for “down-hole” sensory instrumentation that monitors telemetry, pressure, temperature and vibration in many aviation, oil and gas applications.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ Dura-Con Micro-D High Temperature connectors allow designers of compact electro-mechanical equipment to operate in extremely high vibration conditions at elevated temperatures of 175°C. This results in extended Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) in the harsh environment it functions, which saves operators significantly in equipment downtime.

The dielectric insulation material used in the Dura-Con Micro-D High Temperature connectors is made of high temperature Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), which has a much higher melting and glass transition point than materials used in standard offerings. This increases the long term operating temperature from a standard 125°C to 175°C. Also, the connector’s insulator has a special design feature which prevent shorts in the high vibration conditions expected in “down hole” applications.

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