Commercial and Business Embraer Landing Gear Overhauls Land at Duncan Aviation

embraer landing gear251Duncan Aviation has acquired the capabilities to completely overhaul and repair landing gear for both commercial and business Embraer aircraft at its Lincoln, Nebraska, facility. With the necessary technical data, maintenance manuals and aircraft landing gear parts, Duncan Aviation’s Accessories Services has received and successfully overhauled its first set of ERJ-145 landing gear.

Duncan Aviation has been completing landing gear inspections and overhauls on the most popular business aviation make/model landing gear for 30 years. According to Tony Curtis, Duncan Aviation’s accessories team leader, there were no surprises with the Embraer landing gear. 

“Landing gear all perform the same basic function and have similar features and load capacities appropriate for the aircraft,” Curtis said. “The only difference was learning the uniqueness of the Embraer gear.”

In August 2013, Duncan Aviation more than doubled its Accessories shop area at its Lincoln, Nebraska, location, gaining approximately 6,300 square feet of service area, doubling its work benches and adding new tooling and in-house capabilities, including an overhead crane and a new paint booth with curing room.

Curtis said his team is trained, experienced and excited to receive more Embraer landing gear work. “We have the proper tooling and access to parts and repair processes. We’re ready to provide our landing gear services to Embraer customers.”

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