Commsoft's OASES Goes Live on Hi Fly Widebody Fleet

One of the most complex implementations of maintenance management specialist Commsoft’s OASES software has just gone live on the nine widebody aircraft of Portugese ACMI operator Hi Fly, according to the company.

The challenging implementation covered a fleet of three basic Airbus types (A310, A330, A340), including five major sub-types (A310-300, A330-200, A330-300, A340-300, A340-500) powered by five major engine types from four different engine manufacturers.

The company says difficulty was increased by a constantly changing fleet composition during the project, which will continue with another three aircraft to be added in 2012, and the diverse and continually evolving operational environment that is characteristic of ACMI operations.

The introduction of OASES to Hi Fly has required a particularly close working relationship over the past year with Hi Fly’s engineering team in Lisbon.

Hi Fly is initially taking advantage of the following OASES functionalities:

• Reliability
• Tech log and Defect control
• Work card production and planning
• Digital documentation Level 1
• Technical records and forecasting / job scheduler
• Airworthiness directive and service bulletin evaluation
• Aircraft Maintenance Programme (AMP) revision management

“The OASES implementation at Hi Fly has been very complex, requiring very close planning between Commsoft, Hi Fly’s management and our specialist implementation contractors,” Nick Godwin, Commsoft managing director said. “Data was required to be migrated from several sources in a dynamic environment. I am delighted that OASES will help enhance engineering operations for this highly-successful widebody ACMI airliner operation with its diverse customer base and we look forward to supporting Hi Fly’s growing operations for many years to come.”

HI Fly Chief Finance Officer, Mr Sérgio Bagorro said: “Being able to place our aircraft in different operating and regulatory environments, often at very short notice, while knowing that their maintenance is beyond question, and being able to demonstrate that to others, is fundamental to our business. OASES is a crucial tool in achieving that goal.”

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