Concorde Battery STC Now Available for the Phenom 100

Concorde announced it has received FAA STC SA01633WI (Brazil ANAC No. 2012S04-08) for the Phenom 100 (EMB-500) and installation of the reliable RG-390E battery.

SA01633WI replaces both of the OE lead acid batteries with two of Concorde’s popular RG-390E, 28 AH sealed lead acid, Recombinant Gas (RG®), Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. With proven reliability and excellent performance, the RG-390E is the choice as Original Equipment on numerous corporate aircraft. Concorde’s superior performance can be attributed to unique design features such as proprietary PolyGuard® separators (an additional layer of protection against shorting, exclusive to Concorde) robust plate construction, over the cell wall intercell connections for reduced internal resistance and a commitment to quality standards. Concorde batteries have been proven reliable, durable and safe for over 30 years.

RG-390E is a plug in replacement for the OE lead acid. No modification to the aircraft is required.


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