Crack Checks Ordered for Airbus A380s


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued AD No.: 2012-0026, a crack check for cracks inside the wings of the whole fleet of Airbus A380s. This AD supercedes EASA AD 2012-0013 dated 20 January 2012 required Detailed Visual Inspections (DVI) to detect cracks on the wing rib feet and required them to be repaired when applicable. The AD says that following issuance of EASA AD 2012-0013 it was “confirmed that Type 2 cracks may develop on other aeroplanes after a period of time of service.” Last month EASA ordered a visual inspection be done on about a third of the aircraft. But on February 8 the agency extended the checks to the entire fleet of about 68 aircraft. The checks are on the aircraft’s wing rib feet, metal brackets that connect the wing ribs to the skin. The reason on the EASA Airworthiness Directive states begins, “Following an unscheduled internal inspection of an A380 wing, some rib feet have been found with cracks originating from the rib to skin panel attachment holes.” To see the entire AD, click here.

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