Dakota Air Parts Hires Ross Nanfito as Director of Mergers and Acquisitions

Dakota Air Parts announced the addition of Ross Nanfito as director of strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions. Nanfito is based in Phoenix, Ariz., working from the office of the most recent acquisition for the Dakota group of companies – ASI Services, an FAA/EASA Part 145 Repair Station specializing in the repair and overhaul of the Rolls-Royce M250 line of engines and Bell Helicopter components.

Nanfito will be responsible for overall growth including the acquisitions and/or mergers of companies that complement Dakota Air Parts and its other businesses, including MRO services. His focus will include strategies for growth, business development, improving efficiencies, enhancing customer relations, and advancing Dakota Air Parts and its group of companies overall presence in the aviation industry.

“In consideration of his tenure and diverse experience within the aviation community, which includes owning and managing his own aviation parts distribution company, Ross will make a strong addition to our team and will complement it well,” said Lance Thoreson, vice president of Operations at Dakota Air Parts.

Nanfito is A 29 year industry veteran and spent the last five years in the commercial airlines MRO markets working with major U.S. and foreign airlines on chapter 27 component overhaul promotion for FAA Repair Station Skytronics in Los Angeles, California. Prior to Skytronics, Nanfito spent many years working various roles such as sales of aviation ERP software system, new parts distribution, and foreign military sales. In addition, Mr. Nanfito previously founded and operated his own aftermarket spares company Intertrans Helicopter, primarily serving the helicopter market, from 1989 to 1997. He spent a majority of his career working both rotor-wing and fixed-wing territories in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Nanfito began his career in aviation in 1983 working for a helicopter component overhaul repair station.

“Ross is a tenured and respected aerospace professional. His experience will help us as we expand our markets, services, and capabilities. As we look to the future of Dakota Air Parts and ASI Services, it’s critical to have an experienced leader like Ross to help us focus on strategy and growth opportunities,” said Barbara McConn, president of Dakota Air Parts.

“It’s an honor for me to be working with a group of dedicated professionals as those here at Dakota Air Parts and ASI Services,” said Ross Nanfito. “I look forward to using my passion for aviation parts and MRO to grow and expand the business at ASI Services and bringing on new ventures and business models to the Dakota team of companies!”


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