DART Announces Transport Canada Cert for Screw-in Windshield Kit

DART Helicopter Services (DHS) received Transport Canada approval of DART Aerospace Ltd.’s (DAS) new Screw-in Windshield Kit for Bell 206A/B/L/L1/L3/L4 model aircraft. FAA and EASA approvals are currently pending. The New DAS Screw-in Windshield Modification Kit allows the operator to replace the existing OEM windshield retainers with quick change out retainers. While the OEM retainers are riveted in place and are difficult and time consuming to replace, the DAS kit provides durable retainers that are screwed in place and that can be easily removed to allow for quick windshield replacement or removal. After initial installation of the modification kit, windshields can be removed or installed in less than two hours per side, according to DART.

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