DART Gets EASA Approval of MD 600 Float System

DART’s subsidiary partner, Apical Industries, has received EASA approval of their Emergency Float System for MD 600N model helicopters.  FAA approval has been previously received. The Apical MD 600N Emergency Float System consists of four emergency floats attached to the skid gear, a float inflation reservoir mounted on the underside of the fuselage, and a cyclic mounted inflation handle. The system is compatible with ground handing wheels and the floats can be removed in a matter of minutes.  The mechanical valve system has no squibs or electrical requirements. The cylinder valve assemblies and floats are available as exchange items, thereby reducing maintenance costs and down time of the aircraft.  All float chambers come standard with field replaceable pressure relief and inflation valves. The float service lives are on-condition rather than a calendar limit and the floats do not have to be returned to the factory for recertification.

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