DART Launches New Approved Maintenance Network

DART Aerospace launched a new Approved Maintenance Center (AMC) network. DART says establishing this new network allows small and medium size helicopter operators and private owners to have access in their region to dedicated partners qualified to offer DART aftermarket solutions. DART partnered with North American Maintenance and Completion Centers. DART says each was carefully selected by based on their market reach and quality of service.

In Canada, DART added three new AMC partners, Avialta Helicopter Maintenance, Eagle Copters Maintenance Ltd., and EuroTec. In the United States, eleven partners joined the AMC network, Advanced Helicopter Services, Cascade Helicopter Services, Hangar One Avionics, Hillsboro Aviation, Rotorcraft Support (RSI), UniFlight (Grand Prairie, Northeast, and West Penn), Rotorcraft Services Group (RSG), Sterling Helicopter, Summit Helicopters, Metro Aviation, and Paradigm Aerospace Corporation. Additional AMC partners will be announced soon in Australasia, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

“These highly trained and qualified AMC  partners now have the ability to offer not only the best parts and maintenance solutions available in the North American market today, but at a significant cost savings to their customers. Don’t hesitate to ask your closest AMC about the new DART products,” says Alain Madore, DART’s vice president of Commercial Operations and Aftermarket.

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