DeltaTechOps and Evergreen Aviation Technologies Expand Agreement

Delta TechOps has signed a five-year component maintenance and exchange agreement with Skymark Airlines to provide advance exchange power-by-the-hour (PBTH) services to Skymark’s fleet of 25 CFM56-7B powered Boeing 737NG aircraft. The agreement expands Delta TechOps’ current five-year agreement with Skymark, in which it partners with comprehensive maintenance provider Evergreen Aviation Technologies (EGAT) to provide engine maintenance services to Skymark’s fleet. DeltaTechOps’ close-working relationship with EGA and experience with this engine and aircraft type were a key part of Skymark’s decision to award the new contract to Delta TechOps, according to Kimiyoshi Sakaki, director, Skymark Airlines. “Over the past year, the quality maintenance services provided by Delta TechOps and EGAT have helped us establish a strong market in Asia. Delta TechOps’ extensive operational experience and overhaul expertise provide a competitive advantage for us as we continue to grow,” Sakaki said.

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