Duncan Aviation Installs Five Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Duncan EV251Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebraska, facility is adding fuel to the electric vehicle era with five new charging stations for the company’s customers and employees. Duncan Aviation is the only business in Lincoln, Nebraska, to recharge, other than two car dealers who sell electric vehicles.

VP of Business Development Jeannine Falter says investing in the community and minimizing the company’s impact on the environment are two factors Duncan Aviation considers when upgrading, improving or expanding one of its locations.

“When we decided to break ground on a new 175,000-square-foot maintenance hangar facility, we considered the recommendations of our company “green team’ and chose to include as many environmentally friendly design elements as possible—LED lights, radiant floor heating, skylights and electric car charging stations,” says Falter.

Duncan Aviation devoted even more resources to remaining environmentally friendly when the senior team asked team members representing all areas of the business to research and implement green initiatives. As a group, the Green Team started a grassroots initiative to impact change at work and at home, because even small changes can have a sizable impact.

Five charging stations sit prominently outside the new maintenance hangar H, and the company has slotted space for five more stations, which will be added when more team members invest in electric cars.
Many Duncan Aviation employees commute from smaller communities, making a charging station not only convenient, but necessary for those who exceed the 60 to 260 miles per charge range of most electric vehicles.
The company’s Battle Creek, Michigan, location boasts two charging stations that team members have been using for more than a year.

As for the rest of Lincoln, two new charging stations will be available by the end of the month for public use in the parking garage next to Lincoln Electric System, near the Haymarket, says Anne McCollister, owner-manager of the Lincoln-based Electric Transportation Partners that sells charging stations.

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