Eastman Aviation Offers Customers Complimentary Hydraulic Fluid Analysis

In an effort to further support customers and ensure the performance of Skydrol is maximized in their aircraft and ground equipment, Eastman Aviation Solutions provides a complimentary hydraulic fluid analysis program. Customers who operate with Skydrol aviation hydraulic fluid, the most-advanced aviation hydraulic fluid supported by recognized experts in phosphate-ester fluid technology, can take advantage of this service at no additional charge.

The mySkydrol program provides customers with complimentary Skydrol sample kits which include a sample bottle (Nalgene, HDPE), a sample label, a plastic bag (polyethylene) and a carton box. To ensure the quality and safety of the program, Eastman Aviation Solutions has established specific procedures and guidelines for customers to follow when using the service. Eastman also provides in-depth guidance on sample collection and interpretation of sample test results for customers.

A completely redesigned mySkydrol website, www.myskydrol.com, was recently launched and provides online access to customer support and direct access to fleet or aircraft level data. Every mySkydrol user is given unique login credentials to access the website.

“During aircraft operations, hydraulic fluid is subjected to an environment which, in time, alters certain properties of the fluid,” said Nicholas Cleary, Eastman Aviation Solutions technical services director. “Since no two aircraft hydraulic systems operate under the exact same conditions, we suggest that customers have their hydraulic fluid analyzed periodically to assure it meets airframe manufacturing in-service limits.”

Eastman says it provides global support through three distribution labs that test the samples and can provide AOG support and testing to mySkydrol customers. These labs are located in the U.S., UK, and Singapore.

“We test over 17,000 fluid samples a year from all over the world, which means a lot of time and resources go into supporting our Skydrol customers,” continued Cleary.

“While this is a sizeable investment, we feel it is important to provide these additional, value added services to customers in order to ensure they are maximizing the performance of their hydraulic fluid without incurring extra cost,” concluded Cleary.

Eastman’s mySkydrol program offers a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the fluid, with recommendations for corrective action when required. The sampling, labeling, and shipping procedures are included with the sampling kit and have been established to maintain the safety and integrity of the samples while ensuring the unique identity of each sample is maintained throughout the mySkydrol analytical evaluation.

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