Eaton High-Pressure Duct Repair Give Advantages for European B757 Fleets

Eaton Corporation announced that it has secured contracts with a number of European airlines and aviation-related companies for repair and overhaul services on high-pressure ducts for Boeing 757 jets. Contracts apply specifically to jets with Rolls-Royce RB211 engines, for which Eaton is the original equipment manufacturer for high-pressure 2 (HP2) and high-pressure 6 (HP6) ducts. In collaboration with Boeing, Eaton developed a split modification to the HP2 duct that significantly reduces work hours required to remove the duct for subsequent repair or overhaul. Ducts undergo routine repair or overhaul approximately every 10,000 flying hours. Customers invariably elect to have the modification done to HP2 ducts to benefit from time and cost savings for maintenance over the life of the aircraft.

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