No Electricity Needed With New Brake Washer

Oil Eater Brake Washer150The new Oil Eater professional brake washer is an energy-efficient washer that needs no electricity to function. Powered by air, it thoroughly cleans through the gunk and dirt found on brake parts.

Included with the washer is a cover that catches any debris that might otherwise fall on the floor while washing. And the washer can also be used as a portable parts washer.

Eco-friendly Oil Eater Original cleaner/degreaser is included. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and biodegradable.

The brake washer is made of industrial-grade HDPE plastic. Features include: a heavy-duty air pump with adjustable regulator; flow-through brush with adjustable solution valve; dual filtration systems and four swivel casters, two of which lock.

Fluid capacity ranges from a minimum level of 8-gallons to a maximum level of 12-gallons.The basin is 20-inches wide by 24-inches long and 7-inches deep.Overall dimensions are 28-inches wide, 28-inches long, and 41-inches high.

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