Electronics Inc. Introduces the Next Gen Almen Strips

The Almen strip hasn’t changed significantly since its development in the 1940s by John Almen. Year after year, the deceptively simple test coupon fulfilled its function as an indicator of shot peening intensity. Shot peening was growing increasingly sophisticated; however, mostly due to its contribution to the aerospace industry. Electronics Inc. (EI) recognized this and has developed an Almen strip with features to help peening facilities meet the demands for increased process and quality control. The new EI Almen strips have a numbering system and a patented Coverage Check Finish.

The Electronics Inc. Numbering System
The new strips are printed with their lot numbers. The numbering system has the following benefits:
• Provides a tracking method for meeting specifications, and first-in, first-out, ISO and Nadcap requirements
• Allows lot-to-lot comparison for process consistency
• Backed by EI’s Traceability and Audit Program
• Denotes genuine EI Almen strips

The Coverage Check Finish
The strips’ patented finish sets it apart from other strips in looks and function. For the first time, an Almen strip will:
• Make visual inspection for uniform coverage easier
• Reveal improper blast patterns on setups for small or masked areas
• Enhance capabilities of coverage check tools

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