Ethiopian Airlines Goes Live with Mxi Technologies’ Maintenix Software

Mxi Technologies has announced that Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) has gone live with the Maintenix software for their Q400 and next-generation 777-200LR fleets. Beyond integration with existing flight and finance systems, Ethiopian is now fully operational with the engineering, planning, execution, materials, and technical records modules of the Maintenix software. “Ethiopian prides itself on being a technology leader both within the world of African aviation and the global arena. Accordingly, we are fully committed to supporting our fleet with next-generation MRO software as a means to leverage our investments in new aircraft and for on-going maintenance efficiencies,” says Mr. Mesfin Tasew, chief 0perating officer, Ethiopian Airlines. “This first-stage go-live represents a significant milestone for our organization as we look to support our current and future plans for creating a progressive maintenance environment and moving away from our legacy Maxi-Merlin system, which was no longer able to support our needs.”


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