Executive Aircraft Maintenance Earns TPE331 Overhaul Authorization

Executive Aircraft Maintenance (EAM), an authorized Twin Commander Service Center at the Scottsdale, Arizona, Airport has received overhaul authorization for the TPE331 turboprop engine by Honeywell International Inc. EAM’s Anchorage, Alaska, facility retains its status as a Honeywell-authorized TPE331 major maintenance facility.

Honeywell also has approved EAM to provide TPE331 turboprop engine component repair services. EAM is authorized to perform Level 3 Services on TPE331-1 through -14 engine components, subcomponents, and parts listed in Honeywell maintenance manuals within EAM’s FAA-approved capabilities.

EAM is authorized to use a defined list of FAA Designated Engineering Representative repairs for the TPE331 gearbox/accessory drive housing, diaphragm/intermediate gearbox housing set, nosecone/output housing, torsion shaft, scavenge pump housing, 360 bearing mod, turbine pump oil inlet tube, seal carrier, Dash 14 engine crossover duct, rigid propshaft coupling, Dash 14 engine plenum/combustor cases, PN 3108039 1st stage baffle, anti-icing shields, and diffusers.

EAM’s expertise on the TPE331 extends to training. The company has offered FAA-approved TPE331 turboprop engine line maintenance training since 2009, and as of August 2011, EAM had trained 500 students. Class duration is normally five days, with five to ten students in each class, and is offered in Scottsdale or at a customer location. To date classes have been conducted throughout North and South America and Asia.

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