FAA Renews JDA Aviation Certification Consultant Agreement

balzo-2JDA Aviation Technology Solutions announced that the FAA has renewed JDA’s Part 121 Certification Consultant Agreement through December 2015.

Under the FAA Certification Consultant Program, qualified firms such as JDA may be used by new Part 121 applicants to assist them with the FAA certification process. In October 2005 JDA became one of only two aviation consulting firms to first meet the qualifications necessary to be recognized as a Part 121 Certification Consultant. The renewal demonstrates that JDA continues to maintain the high program standards and requirements established by the FAA.

“To become a qualified certification consultant requires arduous FAA training and scrutiny, and to maintain our qualification is certainly a testament about the quality of our team of seasoned experts and the successful results of our projects” said JDA President and CEO Joe Del Balzo.

In addition to a team of highly experienced personnel, JDA uses a rigorous proprietary procedure, CertAssure, to guide applicants through the certification process. By following the CertAssure process, both the carrier seeking Part 121 certification and the agency are assured that all aspects of the certification process have been met. CertAssure helps carriers expedite the process while maintaining high quality and cost effectiveness throughout the certification effort. The CertAssure process is also used by JDA to help existing air carriers implement FAA Air Transport Oversight System (ATOS) and Safety Management Systems (SMS) programs.

As part of the Certification Consultant Agreement renewal process, JDA was required to document its SMS training qualifications and SMS implementation methodology for assisting new Part 121 operators develop and employ SMS as part of their certificate program.

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