FL Technics Line Russia Wins Russia’s Leader 2013 Award

FL Technics announced that one of its subsidiaries – FL Technics Line Russia – was recognized as the Russia’s Leader 2013, according to the Union of the National Business Ratings. The company was rated as number one in the “Transport and inventory wholesale” category.
Each year the Union of the National Business Ratings rates financial and statistical reports of all companies registered in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Based on the rating, the Union awards the best performing companies for outstanding achievements in the field of economic and social development, high standards of business and contribution to the prosperity of their state.
FL Technics Line Russia is a subsidiary of FL Technics, focusing specifically on aircraft spare parts supply, logistics and customs clearance in the Russian Federation. The company owns its own component warehouses based at Vnukovo and Domodedovo International Airports and offers a comprehensive set of components, parts and consumables for Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and CRJ 200 aircraft types. The company also stocks various hard-to-find components, including oxygenators and life vests.
“Today we stock several USD million-worth of spare parts which have already passed customs clearance and may be delivered to any customer’s location in Moscow within two hours. Being situated in the main air hub of Russia and the CIS, we are also able to ensure the deliveries to other destinations in the shortest time possible, with no need for lengthy customs processes,” shares Marija Cholodova, the CEO of FL Technics Line Russia. “We are very proud that in just a few years’ time we have grown from a relatively small and young company to one of the market’s leading players, supporting all major carriers in both Russia and the CIS. We are grateful to our customers and partners whose support and trust have helped us to become such a strong and widely recognized company.”
FL Technics Line Russia was awarded with the “Russia’s Leader 2013” title based on the overall evaluation of its revenue, sheet balance, capital and reserves, accounts receivable and other financial performance indicators within the Russia’s TOP100 companies listed in the “Transport and inventory wholesale” category.

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