FL Technics Partners with B&H Worldwide to Double the Pace of its Global Parts Deliveries

FL Technics has announced the start of a new cooperation with B&H Worldwide, a market leader in the aviation parts logistics industry. Under the cooperation, FL Technics will expand its London-based aircraft spare parts stock and hopes to reduce the time of delivery by half.

With the main warehouse in Lithuania, FL Technics manages a wide range of aircraft spare part stock located in the UK, Malaysia, Poland, Russia and the USA. The cooperation agreement with B&H Worldwide will provide FL Technics with additional warehousing capacities as well as inventory inspection and customs clearance support. The extended  London-based stock will include up to 1500 part numbers, covering new and overhauled spare parts, consumables, rotables and PMA-parts for Airbus A320, Boeing 737 CL/NG and other aircraft types. The delivery time of all the aforementioned parts will be twice as fast as of those located at FL Technics’ Lithuanian base.

“The cooperation with B&H Worldwide reflects our commitment to continuously develop the scope of our spare parts support. Situated in a major global logistical hub, the extended London-based stock will allow us to deliver required parts with a double pace, which is particularly important in AOG situations as well as PBH customers,” shares Aldas Juronis, head of Components and Materials Sales Dep. at FL Technics. “Without any doubt, from now on both UK and Lithuanian warehouses will represent our main spare parts capabilities. We anticipate the strategic location of the stock will help us to reach new customers and partners both within Europe and outside it.”

B&H Worldwide CEO Stuart Allen added: “From a logistics point of view, positioning the FL Technics stock in our facility at London Heathrow makes perfect sense. FL Technics is now in a position to leverage Heathrow’s unparalleled range of direct flights and therefore we will significantly reduce transit times to Europe, the Americas and Asia. We are very confident about the logistics efficiencies this cooperation agreement will bring to FL Technics and their customers.”

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