Flight Fire Introduced by Flight Fire Containment Systems

A fire box specially designed to handle PED Lithium Battery fires on planes has been introduced by Flight Fire Containment Systems.

For the first time in the true sense & spirit of fire”extinguishing” as opposed to a “controlled burn”, Flight Fire Containment Systems Inc. of Maryland brings to the Airline Industry, the Flight Fire Box-FXB-7. An innovative, adaptable, ergonomic, one for all- any size- any PED fire control system with a technical approach to contain and extinguish any in-flight PED lithium battery fire, says the company. This is offered together with safe contained transport with the bonus of possible PED/data recovery or failure analysis. The final aim is to enhance aircraft passenger and crew safety, protect aircraft asset, avoid expensive turnarounds/aircraft interior repairs, reduce ecological damage and truly make the Aircraft PED Safe says Flight Fire Containment Systems.

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