Flightdocs to Roll out New Enterprise Inventory Platform Mobile Solution

Fort Myers, Fla.-based Flightdocs Inc. announced the release of its Enterprise Inventory Platform, the first module of its new Flightdocs Enterprise Suite of aviation data-management solutions. This new tool for web and mobile-based users allows aircraft mechanics and operations personnel to track inventory, requests for repairs, parts requisition requests, purchase orders and shipping information.

Enterprise Inventory gives customers a complete view of the purchasing and parts management process, in real time, allowing for real-time updates and access to orders, component data, documentation and status.

The new platform comes with an iPad application, giving access to inventory and purchasing data from anywhere. Mechanics can send instant requests for parts needed to carry out maintenance, and managers are able to process approvals, purchase orders and allocations of parts to the locations requested. This aviation inventory management software is anticipated to greatly reduce inefficiencies associated with local server-based software and paper-based tracking systems.

The mobile app also includes barcode and QR code scanning capabilities, which is critical in the overall parts inventory tracking and management process. Users can also upload attachments such as 8130s and other documentation related to the components being utilized. Additionally, operations and maintenance personnel have the ability to enter write-ups completely electronically, entirely paper-free, and report them in real time to home base.

“The QR code and scanning feature offers users a significant advantage over most existing inventory platforms,” said Greg Heine, Flightdocs’ vice president of business development. “Without the need for a dedicated barcode scanner and desktop computer to scan barcodes, the iPad application provides a much easier way to identify, locate and utilize components from inventory.”

Enterprise Inventory Platform is an aircraft parts management software that is easy to set up, requires minimal training time to get up and running, and all data is available from one screen. An easy to use search function is also incorporated. Users will have a vast amount of information available to them at all times, accessible all from a single “Dashboard” page.

“We anticipate the benefits of this development to be substantial, including reducing the manpower required to manage inventory as well as costly errors on stock levels, and eliminating ‘rush’ shipment costs,” Heine added
For more information, please contact Greg Heine, VP of Business Development at (800) 747-4560. Online at www.flightdocs.com

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