HermansCentral Awards “Champion Of The Month”

For the month of April, HermansCentral.com will be featuring the Champion line of cutting tools. During the month-long promotion, HermansCentral will highlight Champion, a leading supplier of innovative cutting tool products that have been on the market since 1897.

The Champion brand of cutting tools is a sophisticated line made for the machinery that operates them. Material selection, metallurgy and tool geometry are engineered to give the professional dependable performance and long life that users expect and demand.

The full line of Champion cutting tools can be found at the HermansCentral website. This quality line of cutting tools includes practical and handy tools such as, taps, dies, twist drills, step drills, end mills, carbide tipped hole cutters, reamers, magnetic drill presses, annular cutters, cobalt drills, screw machine drills, taper shank drills, extra length drills, screw extractors, countersinks, drill sets and tap and die sets.

Starting on April 2nd, HermansCentral.com will be conducting a month-long promotion which will include exciting special homepage deals that feature a host of Champion products. Throughout the entire month, visitors to the site can find the latest deals and unique offers that they will find cost effective and handy for their needs. HermansCentral will also be profiling the Champion brand as well as its wide variety of products as the month of April unfolds. Champion month at HermansCentral will give customers and shoppers an intimate introduction to Champion as a company and its quality collection of cutting tools.



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