HOT-STOP ‘L’ Fire Containment Bags Exceed 1500 Sold

Baker Aviation, a full service aircraft maintenance, management and charter company in North Texas, is the exclusive distributor for the HOT-STOP ‘L’ Fire Containment Bag product line joins Industrial Energy Products (IEP) to announce that 1500 units are now aboard aircraft based around the world.

“Exceeding 1500 bags is a major milestone for us,” Tom Connolly, president of IEP, the manufacturer of the HOT-STOP ‘L’ bags, says. “Our HOT-STOP L customers are Fortune 100 flight departments, international airlines and aircraft manufacturers’ that recognize the value of our tested and burn certified products. Now we will accommodate users that feel the need to follow the water application philosophy. Our bags will safely contain potential in-flight battery runaway without water, and now we have a process to accomplish this with a water application. Keep in mind that many mobile devices today are waterproof and in many situations an overheated device may not be in full runaway nor require full water saturation. Once the HOT-STOP bag is soaked with water, the layers of fire containment materials will be compromised so the customer will need to replace it,” added Connolly.

The HOT-STOP ‘L’ Fire Containment Bag safely contains fires, explosions and smoke emissions from Lithium Ion powered devices as well as any combustible item aboard an aircraft. These distinctive HOT-STOP ‘L’ bags have been successfully tested twice in live fire evaluations at the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey and further independently fire tested by flight departments.

“This is an exciting 1500 milestone and the response we are seeing from the business aviation sector is impressive,” stated Ray Goyco, Jr. President and COO at Baker Aviation. “The recommendation to use water to cool down these devices, originated many years ago with limited validation but we can accommodate this philosophy with our proven technology. The HOT-STOP ‘L’ bags help flight crews be proactive when dealing with a potential runaway, before there is smoke, fire or an explosion. Our product is tested without the need for water, which minimizes life-threatening smoke emissions and provides a time-saving means to safely contain a device in question, without hesitation and without prematurely destroying the passenger’s device with water,” added Goyco.

The distinctive fire containment bag is different from other products on the market and can be used to store a laptop, tablet, or smart phone when not in use, contain an overheating device, or contain one that is in full thermal runaway. The bags are made up of multiple durable fabrics with a felt inner core that has a 3200ºF melting point which is sandwiched between two outer layers that have a 2080ºF melting point and are proven to absorb the energy and fire while minimizing the escape of smoke, sparks and flames.

The HOT-STOP line of fire containment bags can be customized to fit the operator’s need and is currently offered off the shelf sizes for smart phones, passenger or flight deck tablets, and laptop computers. Tailored defibrillator device covers are also available to safely contain these lithium ion battery powered devices. Due to larger devices being brought on board, the new oversized bag was recently introduced. At 25” wide x 22” high, it is designed to contain laptops and all-in-one portable computers up to 19” wide x 14” wide x 2” in thickness.

Recently, Baker Aviation announced a surrender rebate program for other competing bags. Baker is offering a $100, discount when customers surrender any other fire containment brand of bag at time of purchase of a new, proven and tested HOT-STOP ‘L’ lithium ion fire containment bag. For more details please contact Ray Goyco, Jr. at Baker Aviation at

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