IcyBreeze Cools Cockpits Quickly, Cheaply

Summer temperatures inside aircraft cockpits can rapidly rise to unhealthy levels. The options for air conditioning in small aircraft have been expensive. However, that changed this summer with the introduction of IcyBreeze, and eco-friendly air conditioning cooler that will swiftly bring Airplane03down ambient air temperature and keep the cockpit cool on long cross country flights. An IcyBreeze unit can easily be stored in the back seat or baggage area of any single or light twin to keep beverages cold and cockpit air cool.
“We are able to provide all the benefits of a cooler plus true air conditioning, in a compact and portable unit that has no Freon or chemicals and gives off no harmful exhaust,” said Andrew Jenkins, IcyBreeze CEO and President. With some ice and a little bit of water, the 38-quart smart cooler can blast cool air recycled from inside the cockpit and driven by a small electric pump. Many people are surprised at how well IcyBreeze cools, providing a 25-mph breeze at temperatures 35 degrees cooler than the surrounding air.
The air conditioner feature is powered by a rechargeable 12V battery which keeps cool air running up to seven hours on the standard setting. The battery allows pilots to use the cooler in their aircraft, boat, camper, or at a picnic or sporting event. There are two adaptor options for continuous use. When stocked with ice and water an IcyBreeze weighs 46 pounds, including a battery (dry weight is 21 pounds). The cooler measures 23.5” long X 16.25” wide X 18.5” high.

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