IFS Brings to Market Engine Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Solution for Civil Aviation

IFS has brought to market an integrated enterprise asset management (EAM) and maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) solution for the civil aviation industry. The Engine MRO solution enables aircraft operators to combine strategy management, intelligent business operations and effective MRO process functionality in one solution—to provide a 360-degree view of operational processes and maximize MRO efficiency.

The new solution has been designed based on aviation industry best practices and developed in collaboration with a number of world-leading airlines. The modular solution also provides aviation operators with an agile, flexible and future-proofed investment to deliver efficient engine MRO today and in the future.

The Engine MRO solution consists of three key elements that combine to allow operators to map, monitor, manage, and execute all aspects of their MRO, from hangar entry to exit.

The IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence module enables users to graphically map the value chain, providing end-to-end visibility and controls across personal areas of responsibility, ensuring focus is kept on what is strategically important. This is supported by advanced intelligent business operations capability, which allows operators to analyze key performance indicators, using predictive analytics to show the full impact of processes on overall engine MRO business performance and the effect a decision has on operations in real time.

IFS Applications delivers enterprise breadth with proven Enterprise Asset Management capabilities to support the civil aviation industry. Complementing the solution’s robust asset management functionality is the user-configurable, role-specific interface, IFS Lobby, which lets operators define role- and process- specific portals for each individual user.

The Engine MRO solution from IFS combines these three elements to enable civil aviation operators to optimize scarce resources, minimize aircraft turnaround times, increase end-to-end performance and maintain strict regulatory compliance.

“Growth in aircraft numbers, an increased number of available routes and a mixture of new and retiring generations of aircraft are putting a huge strain on civil aviation MRO efficiency,” Graham Grose, Aerospace & Defence Industry director at IFS said. “Our Engine MRO solution has been developed with customers in the civil aviation industry to address today and tomorrow’s engine MRO requirements. It provides a 360-degree, enterprise-wide view of maintenance operations. Operators can ensure quicker and more efficient maintenance, so that aircraft are in the air for as long as possible, maximizing profits and minimizing aircraft down-time.

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