JDA Announces SAS Assistance Program for Part 121, 135, and 145 Certificate Holders

JDA Aviation Technology Solutions recently announced its SAS Pro program designed to provide assistance and expertise to help Part 121, 135 and 145 certificate holders and new certificate applicants meet the requirements of the FAA’s new Safety Assurance System (SAS) oversight system.

“For Part 121 operators that were familiar with the Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS), SAS is similar in some respects SAS takes a data-supported/risk-based approach for both initial certification as well as operator surveillance and certificate management. For Part 135 and 145 certificate holders compliance is a whole new ball game,” said Joe Del Balzo, JDA president/CEO.

All Part 121, 135 and 145 existing certificated organizations are now monitored, and evaluated by their Flight Standards Office (FSDO) under SAS with the goal to proactively identify hazards and analyze, assess, and take action with perceived safety risks.

JDA says working with and adjusting to SAS can be both daunting in its complexity and intricate in its application. For 135 and 145 certificate holders it may require revisions to their existing manual system and letter of compliance.

JDA says their experts have expertise in SAS, the Data Collection Tools (DCTs) and methodology. “Our associates are also internationally recognized Safety Management System (SMS) specialists who can align your SMS with the SAS tools and methods,” Del Balzo noted.

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