Jet Aviation St. Louis to Repair Challenger 600s in Compliance with Bombardier SB ATA 52-11

Jet Aviation St. Louis has acquired the necessary tools and training to comply with Bombardier’s Service Bulletin (SB) ATA 52-11, issued to address passenger door corrosion prevention, and has repaired thee aircraft to date: two Challenger 604s and one Challenger 605.

SB ATA 52-11 is a “special check/modification” of the passenger door that requires removing the epoxy used in door fabrication to prevent corrosion. The bulletin also calls for adding additional drainage holes and modifying the door structure to allow access to facilitate scheduled inspections.

Jet Aviation St. Louis has repaired three Challengers in compliance with the service bulletin with the help of its newly acquired Cold Jet Aero 40 HP dry ice blasting machine. Specially trained technicians use the machine to remove the epoxy without damaging the existing door structure.

“The Jet Aviation St. Louis technical team has more than 280 years of combined Challenger experience, and our technicians average nearly 10 years of service with us. We maintained more than 110 Challenger in 2011 alone,” notes Chuck Krugh, senior vice president and general manager, Jet Aviation St. Louis.

Jet Aviation St. Louis is a Bombardier authorized service facility. It also is a General Electric CF34-3 authorized service center.


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